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Aeronautics and Air Transport Research

7th Framework Programme 2007-2013

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D2.1 - ATOM system architecture

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R. Cardinali, R. Pigliacampo, E. Anniballi, M. Annunziata, "D2.1: ATOM system architecture", Deliverable of the European Collaborative Project ATOM, Contract 234014 FP7-AAT-2007-RTD-1, February 2010.
Author(s) R. Cardinali, R. Pigliacampo, E. Anniballi, M. Annunziata
Organization(s) SESM - a Finmeccanica Company (Italy) 
Project ATOM, Contract 234014 FP7-AAT-2007-RTD-1
Deliverable Date 17 February 2010
Deliverable status Public


(...) After the recent events many airports are installing and requiring the control through the so-called body-scanners that are able to do a complete scan of the entire body of a person. However the system implies the transit of all passengers through the scanner for a period of a few tens of seconds each, which improves security but may have an impact on waiting times for passengers and on issues related to the privacy. The overall objective of ATOM project is to design and develop an innovative detection and surveillance system able to enhance the security level in the airport areas, by detecting hidden hazardous materials/tools (including explosives) and tracking people bringing these materials, without interfering with the normal airport operations; while directly enhancing the airport security, ATOM system will also indirectly contribute to protect aircraft (A/C) from terrorist or other criminal acts (...)

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